Things of Dignity serves as a donation area where anyone can donate things for humanitarian organisation, which are then delivered to people in need.
Things of Dignity respond to the current and ongoing problems of deadstock products, mass-production and also the consequences of a massive consumer behaviour and its indifference towards society, environment, culture and human beings in general. 
Companies which have difficulties selling products, that are not trendy anymore or just lie in stock for long time, can be submitted for donation and via Things of Dignity offered to humanitarian organisations. 
The same way as companies, things can be donated by public as well. 
The main aim is to give companies and people in general easier access to contribute and donate needy things directly and make the response in case of emergency quicker.
Side effect should spread awareness and increase social responsibility among companies within textile industry and the public within consumer responsibility.
Renata Drackova
+ 420 734 325 666