If you are a company and you produce things that are a part of a dignity kit, you can donate them by logging them through donation form
They will be uploaded to database and offered (via email, FB post, Instagram post) to humanitarian organisations. 


1) Your company wants to donate 150 pairs of socks which you have in the stock because they were overproduced or other reason.

2) You will fill up a donation form.

3) The products will be approved as a donation item, submitted under the given code by Things of Dignity to the socks database, while they lie in your the stock, waiting for the humanitarian organisation to pick them up. 

4) Humanitarian organisation is choosing socks for material aid intervention in a refugee camp.

5) Humanitarian organisation is ordering socks from the socks database.

6) Things of Dignity is helping to find purpose for the products of your company by offering them to the humanitarian organisation, who is picking them up and delivery to people in need.